B1 bomber

De Rockwell (tegenwoordig Boeing) B-1B Lancer is een strategische bommenwerper van de Amerikaanse luchtmacht USAF die zowel conventionele als . Geüpload door JMStudios1991THIS CHANNEL WILL NO LONGER BE ACTIVE.

I WILL NOW BE POSTING ON MY NEW. Any fans of the dead sexy Rockwell (Boeing) B-1B Lancer out there? If you’ve ever wondered what makes the B-truly Bad .

MissionCarrying the largest conventional payload of both guided and unguided weapons in the Air Force inventory, the multi-mission B-is the . Air Force’s supersonic B-bomber is one other thing, it’s misunderstood. MaDill Air Force Base held an open house last weekend and visitors met the B-1B “Bone” in spectacular fashion. For years, the B-Bomber has met the changing needs of global security and plays a vital role in America’s long range strike capability. The Rockwell International B-1B Lancer strategic bomber and the Russian Tu-1Blackjack look visually similar and even share some overlap .