Laser cleaner

We kunnen jullie de juiste oplossing bieden met laser licht. Q8q3DZB_l6Mmei 20- Geüpload door P-LaserHigh power laser cleaning for rust removal, paint removal, heavy contamination.

It requires no gas or other consumables. Cleaning with laser light – environmentally friendly, precise and profitable. Metal surfaces are well-suited for many laser cleaning applications.

Optimized beam settings will not metallurgically change or damage the laser treated surface. Hoe werkt het reinigen van keramische rasterwalsen met laser precies bij Laserclean? LaserCS – Laser Cleaning Systems houdt zich bezig met het schoonmaken van objecten met een speciale laser.

Portable laser cleaner created by Belgian company P-Laser promises to blast away rust, heavy paint, and grease in the coolest way ever.