Male maid

I think the other posters are correct in saying manservant, but I’ve always liked the word. Maid is generally understood as a female servant who takes care of . A male trained to perform housekeeping and other duties of a maid.

Often submissive in nature, the male maid is sometimes willing to be attired in. Hello everyone, I’m translating a text into English and I can’t find it anywhere. What would be the male equivalent to maid?

That way, you’re still showcasing the honored role in the wedding, but simply replacing maid with man.

Of course, you can use any term that you and your . Is there a term to refer to a man who does a cleaning job in a persons. If one is referring to a male maid in the context of a man cross-dressing as a maid for one or more sensual, sexual, fetishistic or otherwise pleasurable reasons . If your partner in crime is male, why not nominate a man of honor? I want my best frien who is a man, to be my maid of honor. Traditionally, a bride marries a groom, the bride has a female best friend serve as Maid of Honor and the groom has a male Best Man.

I want to find the similar term for male. Tali fires her maid and looks to hire a new maid. Discuss The Male Maid (2008) on the message boards.

Sentenced to Gender Swap: Male Ebook. Carlos thinks he can get away with stealing at his most affluent employers house while cleaning, but he’s sorely . A mai or housemaid or maidservant, is a female person employed in domestic service. Although now usually found only in the most wealthy of households, . Best books like Diary of a Male Maid : #The Submission of Alistair Ingram (Dolls Doms, #1) #Depths (Silver Stran #2) #Thank You for Riding #S. Our stories about men wearing maid’s uniforms while they work for their wives. Choosing Gifts and a Male Maid of Honor.

Can I have a guy as a maid of honor? Breaking with tradition because you didn’t know any better and potentially . She adds she did not even know there were male maids, adding she feels comfortable in her house. Jesse says it was Marisol’s idea to send him, and Gail says . In The Sims and The Sims Stories, Sims can talk or flirt with a mai and tell her or him to cook, as well as dismiss or fire her—or him; maids can be either male . If you would hire a mai would you prefer a male, or a female? Me and my four roommates have a maid come every two weeks to deep .