Squat clean

Matt Chan explains The Squat Clean and The Hang Clean using The Rouge Bar The Rogue Bar . This video from the WODStar movement library demonstrates how to do the perfect Squat Clean to maximize your performance in a CrossFit WOD. Add more weight to your cleans by learning to squat clean.

Learn cues for good squat clean form and some fixes for bad squat clean form. A squat clean is a clean in which drop to below parallel during the catch (hip crease even with the knees). A power clean is any higher catch.

This complex movement actually contains within itself two princely exercises – the deadlift and squat.

The clean is unique among weight training exercises in . The Squat Clean is a composite lift consisting of a Power Clean followed by a Front Squat. Cleans are commonly executed with some type of . A squat clean refers to the height of the receiving position. The crease of the hips must be below the height of the knees at the bottom of the squat.

The squat clean is a hugely important exercise for building full body strength, health and fitness and is an essential lift for Crossfitters to master.