Hallingdal norway

Hallingdal (English: Halling Valley) is a valley as well as a traditional district located in Buskerud county in Norway. It consists of six municipalities: Flå, Nes, Gol, . As a natural hub in the Hallingdal valley, right between Oslo and Bergen, Gol offers abundant opportunities for outdoor activities and indoor leisure – summer .

Hallingdal’s location halfway between Oslo and Bergen makes it an ideal destination to experience real Norwegian summer and . Situated in the middle of Southern Norway midway between Oslo and. The area around Ål in Hallingdal is also well suited for cycling, whether you prefer . Driving on the RV the road through Hallingdal, starting in the neighborhood of Flå and ending in the.

Hallingdal is one of Norway’s major valleys. It cuts through the bedrock for about 1km from Lake Krøderen to Hardangervidda at Geilo. Contains parish registers from the parishes Nes (i Hallingdal) and Flå. Included the parishes Gol and Hemsedal until 1836.

A brief video, and a pretty boring one, of a car ride through Gol in Hallingdal in Norway. The History of Hallingdal, Norway. There are six communities in Hallingdal: Al, Hol, Gol, Hemsedal, Flaa and Nes.

Hallingdal is a valley within Buskerud and is nearby to Liaberget and Haugonatten. Norway, Torpo stavkyrkje Torpo stave church door Torpo stave church .