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Full time professional r and Twitch live-streamer. It seems Eddie Stobart Logistics is making a play to steal work from me. Time to hit back with a re-branded.

Welcome to Tintin’s official channel! Paul (Aka’Squirrel’) is a British r focusing on gaming. Paul is known for his and. Do not see any adverts on the channel; Squirrel subscriber icon in Twitch chat; Use unique emoticons (above) across ALL of Twitch .

Statistics and Summary Page. Discover daily channel statistics, estimated earnings, dasquirrelsnuts ranking charts, . I’ve been playing video games since my ZX Spectrum days and never stopped. Full time broadcaster on.

Home Guard Squirrel Pet Goes Nuts on Burglar Joey the Squirrel-. Editor’s Picks from Around the Web. The man who kicked a squirrel off a canyon cliff is probably just getting started.

So errrrrr, Mrs Squirrel won AGAIN on the YOTScake bake off #YOTS3.

A black squirrel has become an internet sensation after footage of it repeatedly collapsing was uploaded to. A video of a baby squirrel being pepper-sprayed by a police officer has infuriated users. The short clip shows a tiny squirrel hopping . user Delicious Fishes got a bit more than expected when trying to film the. Apparently, his camera looks just like an attractive ‘lady squirrel’. So, here are the greatest squirrel videos the internet has to offer.

These adorable little squirrels climbing, playing and being fed as baby squirrels will . But the squirrel isn’t satisfie so it reaches out its paw, demanding . Tintin’s Adventures: Reunited with an old friend. Tintin’s Adventures: Testing a new lead. Tintin’s Adventures: The Rediscovery of Old Habits.